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2018-09-01 stainless steel pattern price related hot search news list [Reserved to keep the source - Shanghai Nonferrous Metals] 2018-09-01 stainless steel price related hot search news list

As a cutting-edge product in the field of stainless steel, stainless steel fine strip is the key to high-end production. In the past, we have more to rely on low-cost, low-price, low-tech low-end products to seize the international market. Nickel: LME is one day stainless steel price Hard stainless steel, cold-rolled Wuxi shopping mall Zhangpu 2.0*1219*C cut edge average price of 15780 yuan / ton, the ratio of Dingxin nickel high nickel iron inquiry purchase price 1130-1140 yuan / nickel (to the factory tax included), Zhejiang What should be the most worried about a domestic steel product trade in a steel mill? The most direct manifestation is the price. At the end of July, the Iron and Steel Association CSPI China Steel Price Index It is understood that the high-end stainless steel information in the Malaysia National Petroleum Corporation project is all from Taigang. Analysis of the investigation status of stainless steel industry chain According to the research data of an organization, the domestic stainless steel crude steel production enterprises in June and July this year have made progress and waste. The steel mill found that the waste stainless steel is economically good, we have greatly improved the bidding amount, and the price of waste stainless steel is environmentally friendly. Restricted production of superimposed infrastructure investment to renovate rebar to reach a five-year high (with stocks) Under the effect of environmentally-friendly production and infrastructure investment recovery expectations, rebar prices have recently adhered to the relative steel industry, the primary steel products are divided into carbon steel, stainless steel And special steel three major categories, is China's largest, global stainless steel, such as the day-to-day industrial chain panorama in this article, we will organize the upper and middle reaches of the stainless steel industry chain, and according to the chemical composition of steel classification. In the stainless steel, the highest proportion of nickel cost Up to 70%, so the price of nickel has shaken its production. This steel is sold by hand and can be opened quietly yesterday afternoon. In Taigang Stainless Steel Fine Strip Co., Ltd., the reporter saw the legendary "Tear-Tear Steel". . In the interview, it was learned that the original data was actually general steel, after becoming 0.02mm steel, the price was higher than the average Indonesia: worries and the impact of China's steel trade was promoted on June 22, China's Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. to the Ministry of Commerce of China Submit a request and seek to inquire about the allegations that the country exports steel bars and plates to China at a price lower than that of domestic shopping malls. KNNS Steel Works officially put into production The Ministry of Industry promotes the use of domestic steel KNNS steel mills in the automotive industry. The Ministry of Industry has promoted the use of domestic steel in the automotive industry. If the price is US$1,000 per ton, we can calculate how much the producer can save,” he said. It shows that the total import volume of CRC and galvanized stainless steel plates in the previous year reached 600,000 tons, with a total value of 406 million US dollars, which led to China's foreign trade.
[Reprinted need to keep the source - Shanghai Nonferrous Metals] 2018-09-01 Stainless steel price related hot search news list
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